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Ours is a jurisprudence of constant change–and the Supreme Court is at the center of it. Recognizing the need to stay current with rapidly evolving areas of the law, The George Washington Law Review is proud to host a platform for scholastic exchange on Supreme Court decision: On the Docket. This forum features responsive legal commentary on Supreme Court opinions as they are released. We invite members of the bench, the bar, and the academy to contribute to the discussion. With a strong tradition of promoting intellectual discourse, our goal is to provide timely insight on the present-day development of the law. Thank you and welcome to On the Docket.

Katelin L. P. Shugart-Schmidt
Editor-in-Chief, Volume 86
The George Washington Law Review


We’re only 10 days away from the start of the October Term! Oral arguments begin on October 2nd, and On the Docket is gearing up for what will certainly be an exciting term with a full bench. In this term, the Court will likely decide on the limits of plenary power in the much-anticipated “Muslim Ban” case. In a time of extreme partisanship, the Court will also hear arguments in an important gerrymandering case. And will the Court perceive Masterpiece Cakeshop—the controversial case involving a baker who refused to provide a wedding cake to a same-sex couple—as a free speech case or a discrimination case? Crucial questions involving immigration, digital privacy, voter suppression, sports betting, and workers’ rights will all be addressed as well.

In addition to our usual monthly Previews, we will be posting some special publications during the week of September 25th. Justice Thomas will be introducing a paper by a former student that details the history of Tinker v. Des Moines, the case holding that denying students’ rights to wear black armbands in protest of the Vietnam War was a violation of the First Amendment. We will also revisit the Gavin Grimm case to see where the issue of transgender bathrooms stands in the courts, and provide a transcript to GW Law’s wonderful Supreme Court panel. Be sure to check back in with us as the Term gets under way!

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