The George Washington Law Review

The George Washington Law Review is a law review edited and published by students at The George Washington University Law School that examines legal issues of national significance. The review was established in 1932 and publishes six issues each year containing scholarly articles, essays, and student notes. This includes special Administrative Law and Symposium Issues that focus on matters of special importance to the legal practice of the Washington, D.C. legal community.


Special Editions

Arguendo is the online companion to The George Washington Law Review and marks the next step in the Law Review’s growth as a legal periodical. It is our online supplement that emphasizes constitutional and federal law issues. Arguendo allows authors to disseminate their work quickly—pursuant to an expedited editing process—without sacrificing the rigor of traditional print citation. It was developed and launched by the Volume 78 Editorial Board, with the goal of contributing to the evolution of online legal scholarship and reaching a broader audience than a traditional print journal. 

The Law Review also hosts an annual Symposium of jurists, scholars, and practitioners at the Law School. This features a day of panel discussions and special guest speakers, which culminates in a special issue of the Law Review. Recent Symposia have included “The FTC at 100”, “Cracking the Code”, and “Law & Democracy”.

Finally, every year, one issue of the Law Review is dedicated to Administrative Law, reflecting the special needs of Washington, D.C. legal practice.



Every year, the Law Review conducts a First Year Writing Competition for new members every Spring and welcome its new members the following Summer. Most of the Law Review‘s new members will be chosen on the basis of weighted scores that incorporate both grade-point average and the writing competition, but up to 10% of the Review is selected purely on the basis of their writing competition score. New Members are welcomed in July.
In mid-to-late August, a Transfer Writing Competition will be held for newly-admitted transfer students. Only the journal competition is used to determine membership selections; a student’s grade-point average from the former law school is not a factor.
In late January or early February, the current Editors conduct an Editorial Competition for members interested in serving on the Editorial Board for the following year. The competition assesses articles editing, note editing, managing editing, and bluebooking skills. Each competing member is also interviewed by the Editorial Board to assess his or her fitness for each position. New Editors are welcomed in February.