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Class Actions and Access to Justice

Roger H. Trangsrud · May 2014
82 GEO. WASH. L. REV. 595 (2014)

Class actions serve a vital role: they facilitate the adjudication of rights that would never see the inside of a courtroom if there were not an effective …


Lisa M. Fairfax; Arthur E. Wilmarth Jr. · April 2013
81 GEO. WASH. L. REV. 663 (2013)

On March 2, 2012, The George Washington University Law School’s Center for Law, Economics & Finance and The George Washington Law Review jointly …

Justice Antonin Scalia and the Long Game

William K. Kelley · November 2012
80 GEO. WASH. L. REV. 1601 (2012)

When President Reagan nominated D.C. Circuit Judge Antonin Scalia to the Supreme Court in 1986, commentators noted that his gregarious and charming personality was an important strength …

Introductory Remarks

The Honorable Stephen G. Breyer · June 2008
76 GEO. WASH. L. REV. 819 (2008)

I am happy to be here to help open this symposium and to celebrate Professor Barron’s fine article. There is, of course, much to admire …