Manuscript Submissions

Scholastica Submissions

The Law Review accepts submissions through Scholastica.  We will officially begin accepting submissions on February 20, 2018.  If you submit through Scholastica, please do not also send your submission directly to the Law Review. The Law Review will no longer accept submissions through ExpressO. Institutions can create accounts to pay for their authors’ submissions to Scholastica, so authors affiliated with law schools should be able to smoothly transition from ExpressO to Scholastica.  Scholastica is committed to ensuring that authors are able to submit articles regardless of institutional support and will consider requests for fee waivers and other accommodations at this email address.  More information about Scholastica and how to obtain a fee waiver is available here.

Direct Submissions.  We strongly prefer to receive submissions via Scholastica but will continue to accept direct submissions via   If you submit directly, please include “Direct Submission” in the subject line of the submission itself as well as any subsequent correspondence.  If you are writing to notify us of an expedite request, please also include “expedite” in the subject line.

Guidelines.  The Law Review has a strong preference for accepting pieces under 30,000 words (including text and footnotes).  We believe that the vast majority of scholarly articles can convey their arguments effectively within this word limit.

Status & Expedited Review

We appreciate your patience during the selection process.  We are dedicated to conducting a careful, individualized review of each submission.  Due to time constraints during this process, we are unable to respond to inquiries about the status of articles under review.  Rest assured that we are actively tracking your submissions, updates, and expedite requests even if you do not receive individual notifications on the status of your article.   We appreciate your understanding and will notify you of our decision as soon as possible.

Scholastica Submissions.  If you receive a formal offer from another publication and require an expedited review, please enter all relevant information into the Scholastica system.  Please be sure to update that information in the system with any status changes to be sure we continue to review your article accordingly.

Direct Submissions.  If you submitted an article directly, you may email with all pertinent information about an expedite request, including the words “expedite” as well as “direct submission” somewhere in the subject line for tracking purposes.