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On the Docket’s Preview of February Supreme Court Arguments

So far in 2017, the branches of government are moving at high speed—and the judiciary is no exception. February could be one of the last months with the Supreme Court as an eight-Justice bench. The Justices are using their remaining …

On the Docket’s Preview of January Supreme Court Arguments

The New Year may finally bring some excitement to Court-watchers dissatisfied with the Eight-Justice Supreme Court’s perceived recent avoidance of hot-button controversies. Though the ever-present specter of potential deadlock remains, the Court in January will hear arguments in several high-profile …

When a Picture Is Not Worth a Thousand Words

Andreas Kuersten · November 2016
84 Geo. Wash. L. Rev. Arguendo 178

It is frequently put forth that the admission of neuroimaging evidence at criminal trials introduces the substantial risk of these sophisticated and visual presentations unduly influencing factfinders. As

Confirming Circuit Judges in a Presidential Election Year

Professor Carl Tobias · October 2016
84 Geo. Wash. L. Rev. Arguendo 160

Over 2016, President Barack Obama tapped accomplished, mainstream candidates for seven of twelve federal appeals court vacancies. Nevertheless, the Senate Judiciary Committee has furnished a public hearing

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